Fixed-Bed Scrubber: Definition and Operation

The fixed bed scrubber is a vertical washing tower designed for the treatment of saturated air. The saturated air flow enters the bottom of the scrubber and passes through the filling beds where it comes into contact with water and chemical reagents sprayed by spray nozzles.

Fill media: What are they for?

The filling bodies used in these systems are selected to increase the contact surface area between different fluid phases. The materials used, such as PP, PVC, PVDF, TEFLON, and PP/V, have excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties, as well as a wide surface area and low density.

Separation of Water and Residues

At the top of the scrubber, there is a drift eliminator that allows water to be retained and then condensed and dropped into the tank at the bottom of the scrubber. This process helps to prevent emissions into the atmosphere.

Advantages of the Fixed-Bed Scrubber System

The fixed-bed scrubber system is an ideal solution for treating air containing non-dusty residues. Thanks to the selected filling bodies, it is possible to increase the efficiency of the air washing process.